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ScoutFinder Help

Using ScoutFinder to connect with others interested in BPSA's traditional and open Scouting program is easy.

  1. To find people in your area, just use the 'Address' box above the map to search by typing in your address. ScoutFinder will show all BPSA Groups, Lone Scouts or other people interested in the program in your area.
  2. If you see people, click on the icon to see their contact information and use the icon to contact them
  3. You'll also see a complete listing of the pins found below the map. Use the icon to focus that contact on the map and the icon to contact them
  4. Add a Pin of your own using the 'Add Your Pin' button, so people can find you and contact you as well.

When you add a pin, you'll receive an email with a link to edit your pin's information or remove it if needed. If anyone in your area creates a Pin, you'll also get an email notification that someone near you is looking for contacts and interested in the program!

We hope this application helps people around the country get in touch and connect through the BPSA traditional scouting program and helps start new groups. Send any feedback, bugs or conerns to